5 Things Sushi Can Teach You About Moving

It is common to not enjoy getting ready for a move. However, if you approach your move with something you love in mind, it can make the move easier and more fun. If you happen to be a sushi fan, this guide will enlighten you about five things you may already know about moving if you make or eat sushi on a regular basis. Here are 5 rules of thumb for good sushi that also apply to a good moving experience.

Proper Preparation Will Make the Actual Process Faster and More Efficient

When you are making sushi, the majority of your time is spent boiling the rice and cutting the vegetables and fish that will go into the sushi as opposed to putting the sushi together. Similarly, giving adequate time and consideration to prepare to pack will make the packing and moving process much easier. 

When preparing to pack, you should figure out the type and amount of boxes you need, purchase packing materials, and create a packing plan with a detailed timeline. You should also make a plan for organizing and labeling your boxes as you pack them. If you are hiring a company to pack for you, you should have them conduct an in-home quote so they can prepare adequately. All of this preparation will make the actual assembly of the boxes and packing of your belongings quick and easy. 

The Packaging Is As Important As The Filling 

When eating sushi, the quality of the rice and seaweed paper is just as important as the fish in a roll. Similarly, if you are most concerned about your belongings being safe during a move, then you should concentrate on choosing high-quality boxes and packing material. This may mean purchasing new boxes as opposed to getting used boxes at a grocery store. 

Also, just as sushi has evolved to include different wrappings, such as rice wrappers, and different "packing material," such as quinoa, your packing materials have changed to include options that are environmentally friendly and more specific to types of items, such as specialized stemware boxes. Branching out with the type of packing materials you purchase can make your moving experience easier or more ethical. 

Pack Tightly and Make Rolls When Possible 

You can learn how to pack your belongings based on a sushi roll. First, lay soft items such as towels, clothes, and linens, flat on a clean surface. Then put a few fragile items towards the end, and tightly roll the bundle up. To keep your roll closed, you can use a hair-tie or rubber-band around the roll.  This rolling method will help protect your more fragile items while saving space in your boxes. 

Once you have several rolls, make sure to layer them carefully into a box to maximize your space and prevent shifting during your move. 

Presentation and Delivery Is Important 

Because sushi is a delicate food, a few bumps on the road can spill the soy sauce or cause your rolls to start to unravel. Similarly, it is possible for rough loading and unloading or poor driving to have a negative impact on your belongings even if you have packed them well. If you are having family and friends help you, you should make sure that they are prepared to treat your boxes gently and carefully while loading and unloading. 

You may want to research how to handle a large vehicle if you are driving your own moving truck. This will help you prepare to drive yourself. Otherwise, you may want to hire professionals. 

Experts Do It Best

Making sushi is an art that takes years to perfect. While it is possible for you to have a home sushi party and try your hand at rolling your own sushi, it is likely that you will become frustrated with the sticky rice or delicate fish at some point, and it is doubtful that your sushi will be as amazing as a professional chef's creation. Similarly, while you can pack on your own, it may be frustrating and time-consuming, and a professional moving company will likely complete the task faster and more securely than an untrained person. 

If you understand how to make sushi, then you understand some of the basics of packing and moving. Now you might want to order some sushi and start organizing your moving plan.