4 Items To Avoid Putting In A Moving Truck

If you hired movers because you didn't want to do any heavy lifting on your moving day, know that you may have to do a little bit of lifting. That is because there are some things in your home that you shouldn't be putting on a moving truck, and should instead take with you in your car where you can take greater care of the item. Here are four things to avoid putting in a moving truck.

House Plants

House plants are one item that should not go on a moving truck for a couple of reasons. One reason is that the plan can easily get knocked down in the back of the moving truck and cause a huge mess. This can cause other items in the truck to get dirty, such as a fabric couch. It is also possible that a house plant will not survive the heat of a moving truck during a long move. You may be better off taking it with you in your air conditioner car or leaving it behind.


Moving firearms can be complicated due to the firearm temporarily being out of your possession while it is on the moving truck. The easiest thing you can do is take the firearm with you so that it is always in your possession. Make sure that the gun has been put in a case with a lock on it, which is stored separately from the ammunition. Then place the gun somewhere far away from you in your car, like your trunk. Always check the local gun laws for your home state and your destination.


While there is nothing wrong with putting a laptop in a moving truck, is it a risk that you want to take? A laptop computer is a very expensive device, and if it gets accidentally dropped, you could end up with a damaged screen or hard drive. Your laptop should be one item that stays with you during the move so that you know it is protected.

Perishable Food

It's not a good idea to put perishable food in a moving truck. Much like with house plants, it's possible for perishable food to go bad in the heat and create a bad odor in the truck. It has the potential to cause other items in the truck to smell when you arrive at your destination, which could easily be avoided by not taking the food with you.

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