What to Look for in an RV Storage Lot

RVs are usually only used for a couple of weeks or months each year. For the rest of the year, they need to be stored. Choosing the right facility is important. Here are some things to look for in a storage lot. 


Security is one of the top concerns when you are storing your RV. You need the lot to be secure mainly against human invaders, but you also don't want animals making their way into the vehicle. Choose a facility with a 24-hour coded entry. Onsite security, or at least security monitoring via cameras, and drive-through surveillance is also a good idea.

As for security against animals, the facility should work with an exterminator to make sure there are no obvious pests on the property. The rest is up to you — make sure to shut down and winterize the inside of the RV properly before storage so that there is no food or water to draw pests into your motorhome.

Weather Protection

RV storage lots come in two varieties — covered and uncovered. This is because fully indoor storage is rare for RVs, and not always needed. Covered storage is when fixed awnings are stretched over the RV storage lot. This provides protection from the sun, which in turn reduces dry rot and roof seal issues on your RV. The awning will also protect against hail and rain, which means these are the optimum choice if you live somewhere with extreme weather.

Covered storage isn't always available, though. In this case, you will need to take protection into your own hands. Make sure that the lot has no rules against using an RV cover or tarp over the roof. A tarp won't stop hail, but it can help prevent sun damage. You will also want to invest in tire covers to protect the rubber against sun damage.


Finally, always make sure that your RV is accessible when you need it. Choose a 24-hour facility that you can enter with your code even after normal business hours. Otherwise, you may be limited to a short window of time if you need to access your RV. You should be able to pick it up or drop it off at any time without an attendant having to be on duty.

Further, make sure that the lot itself is accessible. Some storage facilities pack in RVs, so you have to call ahead to pick yours up because other RVs are blocking yours. Instead, choose a facility that provides every RV with its own dedicated parking so you can move it easily.

Contact an RV self-storage facility to learn more about the options available.