3 Things That Go Into A Quote From A Moving Company

If you are going to be moving, you may decide that you are going to hire movers to help you with your move. They can do all the heavy lifting for you and make sure that your belongings get loaded and unloaded on the truck as well as drive the truck to your new house. But, before any of that can happen, you are going to need to make sure that you have a good estimate for your move. There are several things that go into getting an estimate from a moving company. 


One of the things that the moving company needs to know when they are generating your estimate is whether or not they are going to be packing up your belongings as well as moving them. Packing is an extra service and will add to your quote. How much it adds depends on how much stuff you have and what kind of things you have. If you have a lot of breakable and fragile items, it will likely cost more, since the movers are going to have to do extra work to make sure that things are packed safely.


The moving company is also going to need to know how many rooms of furniture you have in your house. The reason that the moving company needs to know this is that it has an effect on the size of the truck. Not only are they going to need to know how many rooms of furniture you have, but the moving company will also need to know how many of what kind of rooms you have. That's because bedroom furniture takes up a different amount of space than front room furniture. 

Types of Furniture

If you have antiques or things like a piano, the movers are going to need to know that, because those kinds of things are going to need to have special handling. Those kinds of things may also need to have special trucks so that the items can be safely secured. An upright piano can be secured to the walls of the truck, but a grand piano can't be, so will need a truck that has a tie-down for a piano is necessary. 

If you are getting ready to move, you want to get several moving estimates from various companies so that you can pick the right one for you and your needs. Having multiple quotes makes it easier for you to pick the company that will be best for you.