Make Your Household Move Less Stressful On The Family And Pets

The process of moving offers exciting new experiences to take advantage of, but it can also provide a fair share of challenges to face. Moving tasks and financial management tend to stress out adults, while kids tend to deal with things like separation anxiety and decrease self-esteem. Pets are also prone to anxiety and stress during a move to a new home. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help make your move less stressful and more convenient for the family and your pets. Consider implementing one or more of the following tips and tricks:

Get Your Pets Collapsible Crates

Keeping collapsible pet crates around the house is an effective way to keep your pets happy and calm while you're packing, cleaning, and moving furniture around the house in preparation for your move. When not in use, keep the crates in a closet or under a bed so they don't get in the way of your moving tasks. You can quickly set them up when it's time to pack boxes, move furniture, and work with movers to get your home ready for your move.

Place the crates in a quiet room where you can shut the door to maintain a calm atmosphere for them. A bathroom or walk-in closet that has already been packed would work great. Include your pets' favorite toys and bedding so they are surrounded by familiar things that will help keep their stress levels low. You'll find that by putting your pets in crates when movers are around and people are going in and out of your home, they'll be less likely to get out of the house and run away or get lost due to anxiety.

Ask the Movers to Break Their Work Up

Instead of having your movers pack everything into boxes in one long session before the move, ask them to break the work up into two or three days during the week leading up to your departure. This should help to minimize the chaos in your household while the family readies themselves for the move, and will also give you an opportunity to get all of your belongings organized before the movers start handling it.

For instance, you can take the time to color code your moving boxes in groups after they have been packed and before the next group of things are put into boxes. This process will ensure that you aren't overwhelmed with a room full of boxes to code at one time. Color coding your boxes will not only make it easier for your movers to put your belongings in the right rooms in your new home, but it will allow you to keep things organized before and during the unpacking process.

You can code your boxes using permanent markers or plain colored stickers. For example, the kitchen boxes can be coded with yellow, the bedroom boxes can be coded with green, and the bathroom boxes can be coded with red.

Visit the New Neighborhood Beforehand

A great way to get everyone in the household, even the pets, comfortable with the move is to visit your new neighborhood beforehand if possible. Take the kids to their new schools during lunch time so they can meet their soon-to-be teachers and get to know the other children. Take your dog to the park so you can check out the environment and get accustomed to other pets in the neighborhood. Take a stroll around the block to say hello to neighbors and start making friends. It's also a good idea to visit the local stores, kids' clubs, business offices, and healthcare clinics that you and your family will be frequenting once you've settle in after your move.

These tips and tricks should help make everyone in your home feel confident and less-stressed about the move overall. For more information, contact a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving