Three Hot Day Packing Mistakes To Avoid During A Summer Move

In many ways summer is the best time for a long distance move, since challenges like rain are more rare. At the same time, the heat can sometimes be its own challenge, especially on your belongings. Although the following mistakes can cause problems at any time of year, they are especially challenging in the heat of summer.

#1: Boxing up food

As a general rule, perishable and semi-perishable foods should never be packed into a moving truck. Non-perishables can sometimes be moved, but more caution is necessary in summer. Canned and bottled goods, for example, can burst open in the heat. You have to keep in mind that the temperatures inside the truck are much higher than those outside. If your moving company allows you to pack non-perishable foods or if you decide to move them in your own car, make sure that they aren't a variety that can be affected by extreme heat. Then, package them in a sealed plastic tub so any mess is contained just in case a package comes open.

#2: Packing dirty clothing

Dirty clothing, or any textile for that matter, can develop permanent stains if it isn't cleaned before a move. This is especially true if it's a protein stain, such as those caused by milk. The heat causes these stains to darken and then set permanently. Wash all clothing and washable textiles, like blankets and curtains, thoroughly before boxing them up. Upholstery should also be cleaned using the method advised on the care tag of the specific piece of furniture. Not only will this prevent stains, it can also prevent foul odors from forming inside the fabric fibers.

#3: Forgetting about your meltable items

Certain items just won't stand up to heat, but they can be easy to overlook when you are packing inside your climate controlled home. The most obvious of these are candles. Candles in a hot truck can become little more than a pool of wax in just a few hours. These should either be given away before you move and replaced after, or packed in your car so you can keep them cool. Some hygiene items, especially those containing beeswax and other natural solid oils, can also melt in a hot truck. When packing, consider the effects of heat on each item you place inside a box and adjust your packing accordingly.

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