Prepare A Baby Grand Piano To Be Transported To Your New Home

If you own a baby grand piano that you consider to be an heirloom due to the length of time that it has been in your family and are going to have it professionally moved to the new home that you purchased across the state, the following steps will assist with preparing the piano, bench, and sheet music to be transported so that none of the items are damaged while in transit.


  • lint-free cloths
  • furniture polish
  • felt
  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • cushioned packing foam
  • tarp
  • twine
  • bungee cords
  • sheet protectors
  • plastic container with lid
  • notebook
  • pen
  • packing peanuts
  • packing paper

Clean And Cover The Piano

Use a lint-free cloth to remove dust from the piano's keys and casing. If the casing is made out of wood, spray a small amount of furniture polish on a cloth and wipe it over the wooden surface to remove smudges and residue that was not removed solely with a dry cloth. Lay a strip of felt over the piano's keys before closing the cover.

Use wide strips of packing tape to secure the cover. Close the piano's lid and secure the edge of the lid with several strips of tape. Wrap a few layers of cushioned packing foam around the piano and secure the foam with tape. Cover the piano with a tarp and secure the tarp with pieces of twine or a couple bungee cords. 

Clean, Empty, And Cover The Bench Seat

If the piano bench seat opens and has a compartment that is used to store sheet music, remove the music from the storage space and set it aside. Use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe off the seat's exterior. If the seat is wooden and has dirty smudges on its surface, lightly spray a dry cloth with furniture polish before wiping the seat off.

Secure the edge of the seat with strips of packing tape so that the seat does not accidentally open while in transit. Cover the seat with foam cushioning and secure the packing materials with several pieces of tape. Wrap the bench seat's legs with separate pieces of foam cushioning before securing the pieces with tape. Cover the seat with a small tarp and wrap twine around the tarp so that the covering does not slide off of the bench seat. 

Place Music In Protectors Before Securing Inside Of A Container

Place sheet music in waterproof protectors. Write a list of the pieces of music that you own so that you can refer to it if needed after the sheet music is packed. Stack the pieces of music before placing them inside of a plastic container that has a lid. Use packing peanuts or crumpled up paper to fill empty space inside of the container. After securing the lid to the container, place a wide strip of packing tape across each side of the lid to prevent the lid from coming loose while your possessions are being transported to your new home. 

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